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Nature and Wildlife Photography

These are a small representation of the flora images I have available. If you are looking for something specific - flower, plant, color, shape or texture, please contact me and I will forward additional images.

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Water Lily Pair, Minnesota
Purple on Black Water Lily, Minnesota
Water Lily Reflection, Minnesota
Calla Lily - Minnesota
Bleeding Heart - Minnesota

Plumeria Bloom - Island of Hawaii

Bearded Iris with Roses - Minnesota

Bee in Oriental Poppy - Idaho
Dahlia Bloom  -Minnesota

Jack-in-the-Pulpit - Minnesota

Large Yellow Lady Slipper (Native Orchid) - Minnesota

Backlit Pasque Flower - Minnesota

Evening Light through a Bearded Iris - Minnesota

Showy Lady Slipper (Native Orchid) - Minnesota

Tree Frog on Asiatic Lily - Minnesota

Spider on Dahlia Bloom - Minnesota

First Snow Bittersweet - Minnesota

Asters - Minnesota

Prairie Smoke (Native Plant) - Minnesota

Bearded Irises after Rain - Minnesota

Orchid Blooms - Minnesota

Late Snowfall covering Dwarf Irises - Minnesota

Oriental Poppy Blooming and Emerging - Minnesota
Blooming Fingers - Hawaii
Fern Head - Hawaii
Pasque Flower Evolution - Minnesota
Calla Lily in Evening Light - Minnesota
Golden Bleeding Heart - Minnesota
Peace Roses after the Rain - Minnesota

Showy Lady Slipper (Minnesota State Flower) after the Rain- Minnesota
Lilies in the Evening Light - Minnesota
Straw Flowers - Minnesota
Water Lily Reflection - Minnesota
Dahlia Bloom - Minnesota
Behind the Bloom - Hibiscus - Minnesota

Fern Head - Hawaii
Prairie Smoke Blooming and Emerging (Native Plant) - Minnesota
Bird of Paradise - Hawaii

Lily Stamen - Minnesota

Maple Leaf on Hosta Blooms - Minnesota

Black-eyed Susans - Reaching for the Sun - Minnesota

Fuschia Blooms - Minnesota

Wild Geraniums - Minnesota

Pink Trillium - Minnesota

Insects on Blanket Flower - Minnesota

Backlit Morning Glory - Minnesota

Bees on Cone Flowers - Minnesota

Fuschia Blooms - Minnesota

Swallowtail Butterfly on Bee Balm - Minnesota

Bloodroot Trio (Native Plant ) - Minnesota

Orchid Blooms - Minnesota

Wild Irises in Evening Light - Minnesota

View over a Peace Rose - Minnesota

Evening Rose Blooms - Minnesota

Cactus Flowers Blooming and Emerging - Arizona

Calla Lily in Asiatic Lily Blooms - Minnesota

Prairie Clover in Black-eyed Susan Field - Minnesota

Annual Garden - MN Landscape Arboretum - Minnesota

Ram's Head Orchid, Minnesota

Bearded Iris, Minnesota
Purple Iris, Minnesota
Ram's Head Orchid, Minnesota
Cacti Blooms, Arizona
Yellow Cone Flower, Minnesota
Yellow Lady Slipper Orchid Field, Minnesota

Pink Trillium, Minnesota
Red Rose Bud, Minnesota
4 O'Clock Blooms, Minnesota
Lily Stamen, Minnesota

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